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Macquarie Innovation Destroyed E-mail
Wednesday, 17 November 2004

No sooner do we get the fantastic news that the record has been nudged up by Finian on a board, we also hear the terrible news that Macquarie Innovation, the new Yellow Pages, has crashed at very high speed.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the incident, and we would like to wish the crew of SimonMcKeon (driver) and Tim Daddo (throttleman), a speedy recovery from their injuries.

This is a disasterous blow for the boat versus windsurfer competition, which has never been so close, or so hotly contested. WithMacquarie Innovation out of the running, for the time being, the baton now passes to Windjet, Sail Rocket and a handfull of other boats to take on the boards. Preparing to step up a gear, the Windjet team look forward to a new challenge.

Full story, as yet unconfirned from the Official Macquarie Innovation website, on the;

"  Monday evening,15 November 8pm.

MI/YP conditions looking good. The MI boys are on it and go for it. Hard.

In a very unfortunate end to the emerging battle for speed supremacy between windsurfers and other craft,
right in the heat of the “contest”, Macquarie Innovation (Yellow Pages) has been destroyed during a (very) high speed crash mid run at Sandy Point.

Suffering a front hull lift off at high speed, all effective control was lost at full power and MI slewed around into the wind. And sandbar. The ultimate spinout. Before cartwheeling itself and crew into a horror wipeout.

MI is a write-off but the crew of SimonMcKeon (driver) and Tim Daddo (throttleman) luckily escaped without serious injury, despite being catapulted hi in the air inside their crew pod before crashing underwater and being trapped for a few scary seconds.

Data from MI is being attempted to be recovered to determine if the 50 was reached or not, but it’s certain the 500 wasn’t covered, so irrespective the record remains in Finian’s hands for now subject to ratification.

Those who have seen the effort, patience, persistence, professionalism and (above all) sportsmanship of the whole MI team will understand the gravity of this incident. Those of us privileged enough to work with (or alongside) those guys at Sandy Point wish them a “speedy recovery” and look forward to having MI back
on the speed scene asap.

News has been witheld at MI request until sponsors and other team members were advised.

Ian Fox ~ StarBoard Team    "

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